Maximus table

Maximus dining table - TA10

by Int. Arch. LIVINE 


Indoor - Solid oak dark

Standard dimensions:

  • 2.40 x 0.90 m
  • 3.00 x 0.95 m


Inspired by italian beauty the Maximus table was designed by Belgian interior architect Livine.  The small details and the magic of carpenter's wisdom make the Maximus a real treat for the eye. Not a single piece of iron or anything else but solid oak are used in this masterpiece. Manufactured by Livine's specifications in the old fashioned way tables were made centuries ago, Maximus pays tribute to all craftsmen that already are forgotten. "To see it is to love it" is really the only way to describe how people feel when standing in front of Maximus. "It catches your eye and makes you warm and happy inside", people tell us. Livine says it has everything to do with the simplicity and the near perfect proportions of this table. And then, its weight had something to do with it when we named it. Made to withstand coming centuries this table will conquer the world. No doubt!