Ratio Serenus bench

Ratio Serenus Bench - Solid oak (BAN07)


BENCH solid oak 

(natural or dark finishing)


  • BAN07 120 2 seat 1.20 m
  • BAN07 140 2-3 seat 1.40 m
  • BAN07 180 3 seat 1.80 m
  • BAN07 240 4 seat 2.40 m
  • BAN07 300 5 seat 3.00 m


The solid oak bench Ratio Serenus in the St-Paul Home Collection is a design of Interior Architect Ann Coen (Livine). She is inspired by the golden ratio and timeless craftsmanship with sublime detail. Resulting in a bench pleasing to the eye and goes back to a pure and simple lifestyle. In solid french oak, handmade and sustainable. It's lifetime will surpass all of us and be a continuing joy for our children and grandchildren. Nice, cosy and a perfect match with the St-Paul Home Collection. Simplicity and quality that, again, is timeless!